1 Thing A Week

Privacy Policy

1 Thing A Week is an evolving platform for sharing content and there are two key principles at the heart of what we try to do:

  • Security & privacy
  • Speed

Security & Privacy

Your security and privacy both very important to us. Wherever possible we use avoid sharing data with third parties. By including embedded tweets, YouTube videos or Spotify play lists you may find that your activity is tracked by these services. We do not use sharing options for social networks that drop cookies and use the no-tracking version of YouTube embeds. YouTube may still attempt to track you, but only if you engage with the content.

We may use affiliate links in our articles and notable items and we endeavour to be transparent about such items.


Speed is also very important to us, we want the experience to be fast as you jump from week to week, but we also want to get the content to you as quickly as possible.

1 Thing A Week is ultimately funded through advertising and sponsorship, however we are not willing to compromise on security, privacy or speed. However we choose to display advertising or sponsorship, it will always be responsive and ideally unobtrusive.


No matter what we link to or embed, we always look to use the cleanest version of the URL. We want to take you to the content as quickly as possible.

Notable items that may link to an affiliate are marked with a $.


1 Thing A Week does not drop any cookies itself however, some of the services we use do. We are actively looking at phasing out Google Analytics and we do not use convenient sharing options. The cookies you can expect to see are listed below:

CloudFlareTracking legitimate users of it's service to provide a fast experience while protecting 1 Thing A Week against attacks
Google AnalyticsWebsite analytics, we use the service to gauge the size of our audience
YouTubeNon-tracking version is used, but cookies are still dropped
TwitterEmbedable tweets